This is one of my favourite games ever as it helps me improve how I think through creative brain puzzles and riddles. The goal of the game as stated by its creators is to show how much of a genius you are and once I answer one correctly, I definitely do feel like a genius. There are so many types of puzzles including a bunch of trivia questions to improve your brainpower. I would say Braindom is the perfect intersection of play, knowledge and creativity - It’s like you’re playing games but learning at the same time. One tip I have for you is every question is a trick so don’t think in your usual manner. You need to challenge your brain to pass the levels. It’s addictive, fascinating and helpful and this is why I fell in love with this game so much. If you are ready to improve how you think while still having fun - then this game is for you. The game sheds some light on your IQ and helps you improve it. It really checks your ability to think logically and creatively, react quickly, and assesses your memory. If you think you are smart, then take the test - Let’s see if you can break conventional thinking and beat this one.

Dayo Obi


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