This is not just one game like the others I have reviewed but it’s a group of more than 50m games (Whoa, right)! It’s simply a collection of user-generated multiple games and each player can have access to these games created by other players. To play these games, you would need to download the Roblox application on your phone and use it to search through its game catalogue for the one you will find interesting and play it. Another feature that makes this game very appealing to users are its chat and social features. You can add friends from within your vicinity or from all over the world and chat to them while playing. Roblox officially launched in 2006 and since then, it has been crazy growth. Anyone can make a game or create a virtual space on Roblox by using a special; studio software created by the game company. Some people create very simple games identical to a space where you can meet up and chat with friends while some other people create massively complex games and can even enable in-app purchases to make money.

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