Let’s be Cops 3D

This is a fun one I’m telling you! The core of the game is you take on the role of a traffic officer who can scan vehicles as they drive down the road and stop speedsters. Basically, you would have to investigate their behaviour and check for various things. You can check to see if they are driving without a licence, lying to you or even carrying illegal items. Isn’t one of everyone’s dreams to switch roles and be on the other side of the cop - civilian relationship. It’s at least one of mine - this game literally helps you actualize that. Sometimes as a cop, you will also find the random person who is actually innocent and has just overstepped the pedal a little too much. You can make the decisions on how to deal with each civilian. Do you want to free them, fine them or arrest them? It’s your choice to make but there’s a catch. The choice made can determine how much money you make and how you advance through the game. As the game goes on, you will encounter more violations, harder choices and tougher criminals and the better your decision-making skills, the farther you will go.

Dayo Obi


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