Egg Inc

This is a free-to-play game that involves idly clicking to grow your eggs into chickens! It’s a fun game where you tap to grow your chickens, wait for a certain amount of time to enable them to lay eggs, and then sell them for a profit. When starting the game, you will have just a single egg and a humble farm with an extremely tiny, run-down shack plus a research area. However, over time and as you hatch more chickens and build up your cash reserves, you can grow and make upgrades to your farm. To really grow and build your farm business, you will need to grow more farms, not just one. The game starts very simply with the first egg which is basic and as you move through you will encounter a variety of eggs including the fusion egg, the medical egg, the rocket fuel egg, etc. To manage each of these eggs and turn them into chickens, they require their own farms and you need to keep owning more types of farms to keep growing. This game was developed by AuxBrain Inc and the goal is to unlock the secrets of the universe in the chicken egg and they need you to help by playing the game!

Dayo Obi


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+234 8079 405 773