Among Us!

Are you one of us, or are you an impostor? The game is based upon this premise. There are two sets of people in the gameplay - the crew and the impostors. The impostor is disguised as a crew member during gameplay, and the game's goal is for crew members to work together to kill the impostor. Among us is an online multiplayer game that you can play with different people worldwide or with your own family and friends. You can create invite-only rooms that only specific people can access. This game utilizes a ton of strategy, teamwork, and intuition. When the game starts, all crew members, including the unknown impostor(s), are sent to a spaceship and everyone has specific tasks to complete on the ship. As a crew member, you will see these tasks on your screen and use the map to navigate through. The most critical task, though, is to stay focused and keep your eye on those around you. You ask why? Because the impostor might be somewhere close and dead bodies may be found. If you spot a dead body or are sure you know who the impostor is, you can call an emergency meeting and move on to the second most crucial task - convincing other crew members of who you think the impostor is.

James Yaya


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