Truck em all

This is a casual truck driving game that has extremely simple gameplay. People with very little gaming experience can easily play and enjoy this game. The goal of this game is to take a truck, reach the destination and deliver the merchandise in its original form - like an actual truck driver. So if these are your dreams, then this is one way to achieve that. To move the truck, there is an acceleration pedal that you activate by tapping on the screen and holding down a while to brake, all you need to do is release your hand from the screen. You can upgrade your trucks the farther you go in the gameplay and unlock better trucks from the money you have made from recent deliveries. This will help you improve your truck’s performance and to also earn more money. When you initially start to play the game, it may seem very difficult because of its one-track road but as you go on you will learn how to control the speed and use the brake to your advantage thereby leading to amazing gameplay free of hitches.

Dayo Obi


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