Subway Surfers

This is an endless running game that is sure to keep you on your toes. In this game, you play as a young graffiti artist who is running (or skating) through the world’s most famous cities away from a police inspector and his dog. The game's core would have you cruising through train tracks in the city, dodging trains and any other obstacles, collecting coins, power-ups, and even flying. I love this game because even though it is very lighthearted, it comes at you very fast. With the infinite levels and fast-paced movements, coin collection, and the burly policeman on your tail waiting for the slightest mistake - there is usually no time to breathe. As far as characters go, they are all very lovable - Jake, the main character or any of his friends would be perfect to go on a run. Furthermore, the warm, bright and colourful city always makes infinite running in Subway Surfers a great experience.

Abiola Olaniran


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